Custom Polished Aluminum Car Badge Emblem with AMC AMX Graphic - USA


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Custom Polished Aluminum Car Badge Emblem with AMC AMX Graphic - Made in the USA

Product Description:

Elevate Your Ride's Appeal with our Custom Polished Aluminum Car Badge, featuring the Iconic AMC AMX Graphic. Crafted with Precision in the USA, this emblem is a Tribute to Automotive Heritage and American Craftsmanship.

Key Features:
  • Unparalleled Personalization: Stand out from the crowd with our Exclusive Custom Polished Aluminum Car Badge. It's not just a badge; it's a reflection of your unique style and appreciation for timeless automotive design.

  • AMC AMX Graphic: Relive Automotive History with the Striking AMC AMX Graphic. Every detail captures the spirit of the iconic American Motors Corporation muscle car.

  • Craftsmanship Excellence: Proudly made in the USA, this emblem embodies the precision and innovation that define American manufacturing. Crafted from polished aluminum, it's a perfect blend of art and durability.

  • Easy Installation: No need to break a sweat. Our adhesive tape ensures a straightforward installation process, keeping your badge firmly in place as you hit the road.

  • Dimensions: Perfectly Sized at 3"x 2" for a Bold yet Refined Addition to Your Vehicle's Look.

  • Material: Premium Polished Aluminum that gleams brilliantly, enhancing your car's overall aesthetics.

  • Graphic: AMC AMX Graphic that encapsulates the spirit of a classic muscle car and celebrates American automotive heritage.

  • Origin: Proudly Crafted in the USA, showcasing local craftsmanship and paying homage to the legacy of American engineering.

  • Built to Last: Designed to Withstand Various Weather Conditions, ensuring its captivating appearance remains intact for years.

  • Universal Fit: Engineered for Seamless Integration on a Range of Vehicles, allowing your car's personality to shine.

Transform your vehicle into a rolling homage to the golden age of muscle cars. Enhance your ride's visual appeal and make a statement that resonates with history, style, and a touch of nostalgia. Order your Custom Polished Aluminum Car Badge with AMC AMX Graphic today and let your ride tell the story of American automotive greatness.

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Material: 6061 Billet Aluminum
Fasteners: 2 included
Finish: Polished
Mfr PN: E6001


Mad4Metal aluminum custom fender, hood, valve cover, emblem badges are extremely light weight and have been designed to compliment classic car, muscle car, rat rod or off road vehicle. Aluminum does not rust and the polished finish can easily be brought back to its original luster with aluminum metal polish.

Mad4Metal strives to provide the highest quality products available. We design, build and test our parts here in the USA to ensure our customers get that one of a kind look without sacrificing dependability. Our product range is continually growing and we know what it takes to build "craftsmen style" products that look as good as they work. 

  • Sexy pieces that can be used to dress up your engine compartment, fenders, doors, hood, valve covers, note books or any other flat surface.
  • Put a chain on them and wear as Bling to your next 70's or 80's shin dig!
  • Completely custom one of kind proprietary graphics. 
  • Includes 2 stainless screws and nylon locking nuts. 
  • We quote custom designs upon request.
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Material: 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum
  • Finish: Polished - machine marks visible
  • Fasteners: 2X - 1/4"-28 (fine thread), 18-8 stainless steel socket pan head cap screws
  • Height:  2" 
  • Width: 3" 
  • Center to Center Bolt Spacing: 2-3/8"
  • Thickness: 3/16" 
  • Weight: 0.9 oz
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