Mad4Metals is a family run operation in the Rocky Mountains of North Idaho and was started in 2009 by Paul (Jody) Plummer (me). Knowing that a good source of income was required to pursue the racing hobby, I elected to go to engineering school and to secure a good paying job. In 1992 I purchased the 1970 GS 455 Stage 1 shown in the videos and photos, thus, starting my racing career.  Spending 10 years campaigning the Buick in both NHRA and IHRA stock eliminator required building many unique custom parts not readily available. I purchased a couple of CNC's to build some of my own pieces to support the racing effort. I found that I actually enjoyed the creative process of designing and building custom parts so much that I decided to start offering custom design and CNC machining services as well as my own proprietary products. Nothing is more satisfying than to have someone enjoy something you design and build with your own hands. Thanks for visiting our store.

Paul (Jody) Plummer