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Welcome to our store and feel free to explore our vast number of products. The self professed experts say that "people buy from people" not huge faceless corporations. If that truly were the case, Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and so many other faceless corporations would have failed before even starting. The truth is people typically buy the cheapest version of a product they can find regardless of the source and if it just so happens to be via a small business owner, non-profit or someone who truly cares about what they are doing all the better. We started Jacer Enterprises and the Mad4Metals site to market our unique custom hot rod parts and automotive related gift items directly to our customers. We designed these pieces and we make them in our own shop here in the USA. In case your only interested in purchasing from the big faceless retail giants, we also offer our custom products on Amazon, Ebay, and Facebook Marketplaces. We are real people, we are car enthusiasts, and our hands touch every custom product we offer. Thanks for visiting,


Paul Plummer, Owner Jacer Enterprises


Do you or have you thought of making the distributor hold down clamp with the FE decoration?

Darr May 29, 2022

Just bought 1962 VW Bus Diecast car looks great
Thanks john

John May 29, 2022

When are you going to get more FE Intake manifold breather plate M1002 made?Could you let me know when you get more? I want to buy one! Thanks Rick

Richard Deppen May 02, 2020

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