Grippers Hemi Charger 4" Die Cast 3 Piece Pull Back Car #28558 1986 New in Box

Material: Die-Cast Metal
Finish: Painted
Mfr PN: HRA-0058
Listing is for Grippers Hemi-Charger 3 piece die-cast pull back car set. These are difficult to find and rare, 1986 vintage.
Package was sealed when originally purchased. I opened one end of the package to inspect as the car was not sitting square on the trailer and the package appeared to be slightly deformed. Upon inspection I noticed an imprint of the cars tire marks on the trailer. So I removed the contents to inspect and photograph car, trailer truck etc. 
Everything appears un-used and in brand new condition, however, the trailer does have tire mark imprints on one side from the car not sitting square. I have factored this into the pricing. The photos clearly show the condition of truck trailer and car. Car and truck have no visible defects or sign of wear. 

  • Metal Die Cast Construction
  • Painted
  • Rare pull back 3 piece set
  • Brand new in box
  • Great functional accent piece for bar, home, man cave or shop
  • DOM: 1986
  • PN: 28558
  • Scale: 4" Long Car
  • Finish: New in Box (Not-Sealed for photos)
  • Condition: