Thank you for purchasing our products. Every hitch cover we produce is constructed from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and are designed to fit both 2” and 2-1/2” receiver type hitches. The black features are actually black anodize aluminum so unlike painted hitch covers the finish will not lift or chip. Each unit is clear coated to protect the anodized and machined surfaces from UV rays.  The closed cell foam gasket is designed to keep the unit snug against the hitch pin and prevent rattling in the receiver hitch. These products are 100% designed and manufactured at our shop here in Coeur D Alene, ID USA.

Hitch Cover Care and Installation Instructions:

2” Receiver Hitch Installation Instructions:

  1. Each hitch cover is factory pre-set to fit a standard 2” receiver hitch.
  2. Remove the 2-1/2” receiver outer gasket from the gasket set and slide the hitch into the receiver.
  3. Push hard on the face of the hitch cover to compress the anti-rattle gasket while inserting the hitch pin through the receiver and the hitch cover.
  4. There should be considerable tension on the hitch cover during this procedure and the gasket will tend to squeeze out around the perimeter.
  5. Over time the gasket will relax so a lot of tension early is good!

2-1/2” Receiver Hitch Installation Instructions:

  1. If your hitch has a graphic pattern requiring a specific orientation, you will need to remove the two stainless steel screws and rotate the hitch cover tube 90 degrees.
  2. This may be accomplished using a an 1/8” Allen wrench. NOTE: you will need to alternate tightening these two bolts until the hitch cover is snug in the tube.
  3. Do not try to tighten one side down all the way or the screws and countersinks may become damaged or the tube may become misaligned to the hitch cover.
  4. If your hitch cover does not require a specific orientation, simply rotate the unit 90 degrees.
  5. Follow the same installation instructions as above using the 2-1/2” receiver gasket.

Maintenance Instructions:

  1. Each hitch cover portion of each assembly is black anodized and clear coated for UV protection and may be washed with normal soap and water.
  2. If the clear coat degrades or becomes unsightly, you may strip the clear coat using suitable automotive paint type stripper and re-apply the clear. The text and graphics are anodized aluminum or engraved vs. being painted and can withstand proper solvent cleaning.

Thanks again for purchasing our products, if you have any questions please contact us!!